Counselling Sessions for you and your Partner to Enlighten your Life Together

Relationship Counselling Services in Mumbai

People require confrontation or sometimes guidance from someone professional who is knowledgeable about the particular issue. This is the primary reason why many people take counselling from psychologists and counsellors who have the perfect solutions or help in finding the perfect solutions to the issues people face. A psychologist has a thorough knowledge of the behaviour and actions of a person which connect to the person’s psychology. Hence, they are able to judge a person well enough by observing them and talking to them which helps them in knowing the psychological roots of a person’s actions and thinking.

A psychologist can help people with all sorts of issues that they may be facing their lives which can include their professional lives, relationship issues, physical exhaustion and various other problems. These issues are not easy to decode and analyze in order to do that; you would require the help of a professional psychologist. If you face these types of issues or feel that you are going through a behavioural as well as mental change which is affecting you and your closed ones, then you can visit us. We are known for providing solutions to such issues through our services of expert counsellors and psychologists.

Get your Relationship Back on Track

You may feel many issues in your relationship which could be because of various reasons and misunderstandings between you and your partner. But with our Relationship Counselling Services in Mumbai, India, you can get to the root of these issues and help your relationship get back on track. You don’t need to take relationship counseling only when things go really bad, you can also visit us when you face any sort of issue in your relationship. We offer a caring as well as a very supportive environment for people to freely discuss their issues with our professionals and not feel any sort of shame in the confrontation.

It also requires your commitment and dedication towards your relationship and how willing you are to save it or to be with your partner. Your relationship might be suffering from the issues that one of you may be facing; at our facility, we try to coordinate everything and help both the people to move on together and take actions together no matter who is at fault. With the help of our top Relationship Counselling Services in Mumbai, India, you can handle various issues that you may be facing in a relationship which might be because of various reasons like:

  • Verbal or Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Problems
  • Cheating
  • Argument Over Roles and Responsibilities
  • Financial Disagreement
  • Lack of Concern
  • Parenting Approaches Become Different

Take our help to Light up or Save your Marriage

The relationship counselling we offer is available for both married and unmarried couples. Since marriage is a completely different matter as it also includes legal issues and family, it becomes a different issue to provide counselling on. Hence, our Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai, India is differentiated from the relationship counseling we offer. Our counselors and psychologists are full of sympathy as well as goodwill towards the clients and do their best to provide counseling services to married couples and repair any damage they may have been facing.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs; our counselors are the perfect professionals to understand these stages in people’s lives. This helps them by providing our clients with effective counseling services to save or light up their marriage. It takes about 45 minutes for our counselors to hold their session where they talk to the clients and analyze them after which they provide their expert guidance and advice to them. We offer the top Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai, India with the help of our highly qualified and experienced counselors who have helped many people to improve their marriage.

About us

Our company was established by Mr Narendra Kinger and Mr Nitin Shah who formed an alliance years ago to provide mental health services to the corporate sector. Since our inception, we have provided our services to not only the corporate sector but have moved beyond and have reached all the sections of the society. We are known not only as relationship and marriage counsellors but as providers of various services which includes:

  • Anger Management
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Learning Disability Testing
  • Remedial Education
  • Special Education
  • Corporate Assessment

The team of professionals that we have at our facility has an experience of working in the industry for 2-3 decades. They are known for their skills and knowledge that they have attained because of the many years that they have dedicated to serving people’s psychological and mental issues. Our company has been providing services to the corporate sector as well as individuals, schools and colleges. We focus on serving the society with our best possible services and making the best use of human resources.