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3D Animation Course in Mumbai

The world is constantly being surrounded by technology and everyone is relying on it because of the productivity and ease it provides. Technology has a huge impact on almost all the sectors and industries which makes it such an important part of the human life. Since all the professional sectors heavily rely on the use of technology, there are many job opportunities for people who are skilled in IT and other related subjects. In the entertainment and advertisement industry, there is a huge demand for people who are creative and have artistic abilities.

Providing an Excellent Opportunity for Aspiring Graphic Designers to Learn

There a number of employment opportunities for graphic designers, animators and other creative profiles. Our institute is a perfect place where you can enrol in a Graphic Design Course in Mumbai as we have a vast pool of knowledge to share. If you are artistic and think you can create a design or illustration with the help of technology such as various software tools which are used to make graphics. You can learn the skills that would enable you to create a visual message or for some sort of communication or presentation.

A graphic designer has to produce a design out of different sources such as topography, images, colours, drawings, photographs, page out techniques and visual arts. We provide our students with a platform where they can develop ideas by indulging themselves in a process of creative thinking, judgement and investigation. Along with that, the students are provided with an extensive training in the top tools and software to make graphics. Our expert faculty has put together a syllabus which focuses on the practicality of the process as well as the professional aspects of being a graphic designer.

Learn 3D Skills from our Expert Faculty

Other than graphic designing, we also offer a 3D Animation Course in Mumbai which can help you in learning all the skills and knowledge that a 3D animator requires. Ever since the animators have started using three-dimensional images, there has been a widespread increase in the popularity as well as the use of 3D animation. With the popularity, the demand for 3D animator has also increased in the entertainment and advertisement industry. And in such a scenario, there are many aspiring animators coming to us in order to learn the skills of 3D animation.

Along with a range of skills and knowledge on the subject, we also have a studio and lab where our students can practice their skills. Our faculty has been a part of the industry where they have worked as professionals; hence, have a wide experience and knowledge of the process as well as the industry. Accordingly, they teach the students with relevance to the current needs and requirements of the industry. We offer graphic designing training to our students using a wide range of software and tools such as Auto Desk, 3D’s Max, Maya, Mudbox etc.

Our students who are pursuing the 3D Animation Course in Mumbai are provided with opportunities to work on different projects in order to improve their skills. Other than that, we have designed a specific set of modules which is ranged as per the level of training and studies; from basics to advance. In the first module, the students are taught and trained in the already available and existing piece of work. Whereas, the second module trains them in clay modelling, animation, rigging, dynamic and particle system.

Not just a Computer Institute

We also offer an interior designing course to students who wish to pursue a career in interior designing. A person with the minimum education qualification up to 12th standard is eligible to enrol in this course.  Our graphic designing course is a 6-month program which includes both physical as well as technical aspects of the job. The course focuses on various areas of the profession including space planning, creative problem solving, computer-aided drafting and history of design.

We as an Institute

Located in Mumbai, our institute is a leading name in providing training and an educational degree in the field of animation, VFX, graphic designing etc. We make use of the traditional teaching methods as well as modern methods with the help of advanced technology. The institute was commenced by a number of professionals who came from distinct backgrounds of Cad Designing, 3D Designing and business. Our quality of education doesn’t only include the knowledge about software and technology but also about the ethics of professional life and creativity, leadership, individuality etc.

Our institute woks not only as an educational body but also as a team where we help each other in progressing and develop new and creative ideas together. Other than the expert panel of teachers, we have an excellent team of management who organizes and creates a number of opportunities for the students as well as the teachers. We as an educational body are known for our coordination which helps us in building more projects and providing a quality education.