How can you Improve Your Website Immediately?

How can you Improve Your Website Immediately?

Sometimes, improving your website means taking the time to redesign and recreate many of the elements. This can be time consuming and a drain on your wallet. However, you may not need to go overboard to improve your website.

There are ways to improve your website, gain more traffic and create a higher conversion rate without spending a ton of cash or time working on it. Here are a few of the top ways you can make your website better, fast.

Create Clear Call to Action Phrases/Buttons

If you are not using call to action phrases or buttons, you need to use them on your website. A CTA or call to action is basically telling the visitor what you want them to do. With the most powerful CTAs you can increase your conversions fast.

It starts by telling the story or writing the content with the call to action in mind. Then, when it fits naturally, tell your reader what to do with a button or a call to action phrase. This will vary from one business to another, but a high quality CTA will lead to better conversions on any website.

Go Mobile

Responsive DesignAny website not using a responsive design or a mobile-friendly design is outdated. Google won’t rank you as high and you will alienate more than half of your potential visitors. Today, you must provide a mobile-friendly design because more than half the web searches are done on a tablet or smartphone.

You want to avoid using software, such as flash and you want to make fonts easy to read without zooming. It’s also important to make it easy for visitors to zoom when necessary and create enough space around links to make them easy to tap.

You can use one of the many mobile-friendly tests to make sure your site is set up right. If you don’t have a responsive or mobile-friendly design, make this change and you will be improving your website immediately.

User Experience is Vital

Did you know by 2020, many experts expect the customer experience to become more important than the price or even the product when choosing one brand instead of another? For your website, this means focusing on the user experience.

Google has already made it clear they will reward you if you provide a great user experience. They take this into account when it comes to ranking your website and providing you with quality traffic.

Some of the factors going into the user experience include page load times (need to be under 2 seconds), a clean design, links that work, easy navigation, colors that resonate with your audience and usable, high-quality content.

Understand SEO in Depth

One of the best ways you can improve your website is through SEO. By mastering SEO, you will have the ability to attract more traffic and generate more leads. Crafting excellent headlines and tags, creating the right links and providing a full plan for SEO is the a good place to start.

You can use plugins for better SEO and find plenty of advice from experts online. The process doesn’t have to be difficult and if you’re already focusing on the user, you’re halfway there.

Make your Pages Modern

Have you ever reached a website and you can tell it hasn’t been updated since 1999? Website design evolves at the speed of light and a modern website will stand out compared to one that looks old. If your pages look old or haven’t been updated in a few years, it’s time for fresh content, images and design. Get rid of old pictures, add video and make the design clean.

One of the most modern features you can use is infinite scrolling. This feature has provided better bounce rates and provides something visitors seem to like.

If you want to improve your website fast, you can use these tips to help. You don’t have to start from scratch. Just implement what’s necessary and watch your conversions and traffic grow.