How to spend 1 day in Haridwar

How to spend 1 day in Haridwar

Sitting on the banks of the holy Ganga river the holy town of Haridwar is also referred to as the gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas. Surrounded by the lush greenery and the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas this place marks the entrance of the Ganga river from the mountains to the plains. Dotted with several ancient and sacred temples, shrines and tourist attractions you will never get bored once you are here. the place remains swarming with spiritual seekers, peace lovers, religious souls and travellers from different parts of the world. If you get even 1 day to spend in this holy town then here is how you should spend it in the best possible manner:

  • Go temple hopping

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this place is its temples. Every temple here holds immense religious and spiritual significance in the lives of every devotee. Some of the most popular temples here include Chandi devi, Daksheshwara mahadev temple, mansa devi, maya devi etc. the special thing about these holy places of worship in Haridwar is that all these temples are located amidst some of the most beautiful and picturesque surroundings. Even if you are not a religious person you must definitely contact a travel agent in Haridwar and have a serendipitous experience.

  • Food trail for foodies

The sightseeing and offering prayer to the lord is sure a very tiring activity which will definitely make you crave for some delicious food. The street food and the eating joints in Haridwar offer some of the best tasting delicacies that will definitely be very fulfilling. If you love food and every travel you are looking to eat out then you must definitely go to Mohan ji puri waale for some delicious poori dishes, Kashyap kachori for savoury kachori, pandit sevaram sharma doodh waale for amazing laddoos and desserts and many more. the best part is that you get large quantities of mouth-watering food at the best rates which makes this whole experience even more special. You may even check out some interesting and quirky cafes around here offering international cuisines which is a different experience.

  • Full day of yoga and meditation

If you get 1 day for free in Haridwar in the middle of your hectic travel schedules then what better way of spending it in other than relaxing it away. There are numerous ashrams and meditation centres who offer well guided classes from experienced and well-trained instructors available here. you can book yourself a class at one of the several yoga centres in Haridwar like bhaj govindham, sahajayoga centre, Kripalu ashram, divya yog mandir, Patanjali yogpeeth and many more. this is one of the best ways of rejuvenating your tired souls and refreshing your mind, body and soul. they also offer various ayurvedic treatments for people who wish to have a deeper relaxing experience and feel your stress and tensions just melt away. This has to be one of the best ways to spend a day in Haridwar.

  • Holy dip in Ganga

 Haridwar is most popular for its holy dips in the Ganga. People from all over the world visit Haridwar with an aim of washing off their sins. This can be done by taking a holy dip inside this sacred water body. It is believed by devotees that taking bathing in the holy water of Ganges or gangajal will grant them moksha or salvation which is the freedom from the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth. Ghats line his city and this can be done walking down the narrow stairs and immersing yourself inside the water fully. The water of ganga has also proven to cure people of various skin diseases. One of the special features of the water of Ganga is that it never goes bad. You can buy yourself a bottle of gangajal from the marketplaces and find out for yourself.

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1 day is not enough to explore the sheer glory and pious purity this place holds. However, this is the best and the most authentic way of visiting this incredible town in 1 day which has a lot to offer. Be sure to take some more time out from your travel plans and properly visit the tourist attractions in and around Haridwar.