Inquiries About Sex Made By People In Sexology Clinics

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Presently, there are many sexual problems arise with the time as well as there is huge augmentation has been registered in the sexual inquiries over the year. The positive inclination towards the sexual problem has increase the awareness of sexual problems. You might have some questions in your mind and you would think that that answers could be only given by Best sexologists in India. Well! These days you can get all the answer of your questions over the internet.

Here are the some general frequently asked questions answered by Best sexologist at Burlington Clinics.

  1. Do men get menopause?

Yes! Men also go through menopause, but the testes in male do not lose ability to produce hormones. In menopause men experience a decrease in testosterone production because of the aging.

  1. What is circumcision?

In male Circumcision is a process the involves the surgical removal of penis’ foreskin, the tissue that covers the head(glans) of the penis.

  1. What is FGM?

FGM stands for Female Genital mutilation, the practice involves cutting and removing of some parts of the female’s genitalia.

  1. What is the Risk of Circumcision?

Here are some risks asserted by Best Sexology Clinics in India that can occur due to the circumcision.

  • Pain
  • Bleeding and infection can happen at the place of the circumcision
  • Irritated glans
  • Augmented risk of meatitis (inflammation of the opening of the penis)
  • The danger of injury to the penis
  1. Is vaginal discharge is general?

The discharge of white substance in women is normal, but the amount and consistency of discharge can be distinct. If you are facing irritation in your vagina with increased white discharge it will consider abnormal. You must see a gynecologist in such case.

  1. Is it possible that a woman can get pregnant while breastfeeding?

Yes! You can get pregnant while breastfeeding. So follow up with your doctor and consider birth control methods.

  1. Can a hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) generate sexual problems for a woman?

After hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) a woman might experience some changes in sexual functions such as diminished vaginal lubrication, loss in desire and more.  Surgery can injure nerves that is why Best sexologists in India advice proper care of the vagina.

  1. What is syphilis and what are the symptoms?

The bacteria Treponema pallidium can cause Syphilis that is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) can happen due to the unprotected sex.

  • Skin rash, typically on the palms of the hands & soles of the feet.
  • General ill feeling.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • Sores in or around the mouth, penis or vagina called mucous patches.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Moist, warty patches in the genitals or skin folds.
  • Muscle and joint pain. and more
  1. Is it fine to apply Vaseline as a lubricant with a latex condom?

No. Best sexologists in India advised you must use only water-based lubricants with condoms the oily lubricants can fade the condom and it can easily break.

  1. What is the withdrawal method and can a woman get pregnant due to this?

Pulling out penis before the man comes to climax and ejaculates is not foolproof and safe. Some pre-cum can contain sperm and make women pregnant.

  1. What are the benefits of Circumcision?
  • A reduced danger of urinary tract infection
  • The lesser danger of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Defense against penile cancer and a lesser risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners
  • Deterrence of balanitis -inflammation of the glans
  • Prevention of balanoposthitis -inflammation of the glans and foreskin and more.

These were some general FAQ that always asked by people all across the nation of India. Best Sexologist of India considers that people must be aware of sexual problems and it is very important to tell people about the cause of problems. Sexual problems can harm people in many ways even can affect the marital life of the person. If you are facing some problems in your sex visit Best Sexology Clinics in India and get the treatment and advice on time.