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Get the Best Services to Find Solutions for Mental and Psychological Issues of Your Child

Psychological Counseling Services in Mumbai

Humans are complicated and what makes us complicated is the psychology as well as the emotions that we experience. Sometimes, you may feel an emotional or a behavioral change that is mostly connected to our psychology. If you examine the issues you face in life, most of them are because of the functioning of our psychology. Human psychology is a tricky concept that is based around a number of ideas and phenomena that are based on personal as well as social factors. We often see adults seeking consultation and medication for such issues but the truth is that even kids can face such issues.

With the misconception regarding psychological issues as mental issues, people have ignored these issues for such a long time. However, with advancement in sciences and studies, many theories, as well as thesis, have been written on the subject since the turn of the 20th century which put some light on the subject. In today’s world, people are beginning to understand the concept and have started taking psychological issues seriously. Even India has seen a new life for people who face psychological issues as we are opening up about such problems.

Helping Children who Face Psychological Issues

We are a company that provides services to people such as counseling, therapies, and treatments in order to help them with their various psychological issues. Our Psychological Counseling Services in Mumbai is acquired by many people who want to discuss their issues with a professional in the hope of finding a solution. We have a team of psychologists and psychiatrists that can help you or your close ones with their top-quality solutions. Our team of professionals is highly qualified and has experience of working in this field for many years.

Not only adults but our Psychological Counseling Services in Mumbai is also recommended for children too. Since psychological issues don’t depend on age, children too can face such issues. The reason and the subject of the issues that a child faces could be a lot different than an adult’s problems. Yet, it doesn’t call for us to ignore the psychological problems and symptoms that are reflected through our young ones’ behavior or actions. Hence, if your child or any young one in your family is showing such symptoms or already has a condition that is causing him/her some problems, you can take our effective services to find a solution.

School-going children are victims of a number of issues such as stress, anxiety as well as depression which affects them as well as their parents’ lives. So in order to tackle the problems, we deal with every child with utmost care and show them that we care about their health. Also for some children, we engage them in a healthy conversation as well as activities, through which we judge them and analyze their behavior without letting them know about our operations. We have a healthy and friendly environment at our facility which helps people to open up and not be ashamed of any problem they face.

Offering Counseling to Help with the Children’s Career Preferences

Children may not only face issues that affect their personal lives. Most parents are often worried about their children’s careers and in order to make sure their child has a satisfying professional life, they do all sorts of things. But most times, a child doesn’t need extensive training and coaching of education, all that every child needs a good talking and counseling session that lets them be who they are. While most students are burdened by their parents to choose a career path, others are confused over what choices they have.

Since all students require attention and a healthy confrontation to realize what they want, we help them with our caring and loving support. With the help of our services of Career Counseling in Mumbai, we offer excellent support to your child in his/her quest for a career. We a team of expert career counselors who have years of experience and have helped a number of students in finding what they want. They are highly qualified and have a friend as well as a problem-solving attitude which helps in providing counseling.

About our Medical and Educational Facility

Our clinics come under the brand name of VIMHANS Hospitals which were established in the year 1983 and are located in Andhra Pradesh. With three centers located in Dadar, Skinaka (Mumbai), and Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), our medical facilities provide top-quality services to our clients at the best market rates. Our services are offered by a team of highly skilled and qualified psychiatrists, clinical and counseling psychologists, occupational therapists, and social workers. Other than psychological and career counseling, we offer a wide range of services which includes:

The line of clinics as well as VIMHANS Hospitals is founded by the founder-director Dr. Indla Ramasubba Reddy who was later joined by Dr. Vishal Indla in 2006 as the chief psychiatrist. Other than their exceptional work in the medical field, they also provide educational facilities of different levels. As an educational institute, they are the recipient of DNB in Psychiatry by the National Board of Examinations. Other than that, they are also recognized by N.T.R University, Andhra Pradesh, as a center of excellence, for Post Doctoral Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

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