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Indian Vastu Shastra for home – Tips & Tricks!

Indian Vastu Shastra

Indian Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra holds a good significance in India. Being a reason for the inculcation of positive vibes in the house, there are times when people actually consult a Vastu Shastra specialist before thinking of buying a flat or building up a house. The Indian Vastu Shastra is a vast genre and has in it the different rules according to which the house should be made or decorated. These rules define the state of our mind, the surroundings and the happiness that shall come to us. While some of us won’t rely on the rules and its connection with our happiness others are totally convinced of these theories.

Of course there has been instances when these rules have played their part and have brought peace and tranquility to people, that is why here are some of the Vastu Shastra for home tips which shall help you design your house accordingly!

Direction of the house

According to Indian Vastu Shastra the entrance and exit of a house holds a lot of importance. It is the face of the house and has to be in the right direction to be positive always. So if you have been planning to buy a house, the entrance of house should always be towards the east, north or north-east directions.

Take positive Vibes

It is the positivity inside the house which attracts the positivity outside the house. You cannot live happily if you don’t keep your surroundings happy too. The happy habits like cleaning hands and legs after coming home, lighting incense sticks, keeping the house lit, offering prayer every morning, playing good music, and even keeping the house smelling good is always going to make the house happy and pleasant.

Cleanliness is the key!

The Indian Vastu Shastra lays emphasis on the cleanliness a lot. You cannot build up a clean mind without a clean house. De-clutter your house and throw away things that are of no need anymore. When your house is well cleaned and does not have a lot of dust, the positivity fills the house and makes it happier!

Avoid unattractive things in the house

Pay a little attention to your house. The Vastu Shastra for home says that anything that looks even slightly unpleasant shall be avoided. Sharp edges, thorny plants, plastic flowers etc should not be kept inside the house. The doorbells etc should have a pleasant music and not to spoil your mood. Keep only the things that emit positive energy around you!

Work on your personal relationships

Indian Vastu Shastra gives importance to personalizing the house. Keeping some pictures of you around the house with family members, husband/wife etc brings you closer to them. The bond gets stronger with happy moments around and this is how you make a comfortable house.

It is easy to follow the Vastu Shastra for home rules once you are determined to get nothing but positive energy in the house. It is the small things that go unnoticed that emit negativity around the house. Make sure you clean your house and add in the little signs of positivity around!

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