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Myths and Facts About Cavities

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You will never take interest in going to a dentist. In the chair of the dentist the diagnosis of a problem that is most common occurs maximum number of times and the name of the problem is tooth decay or cavity. However, it is possible to prevent the cavities. The cavity’s risk can be reduced if you gather enough knowledge about it. You can easily find some cavities’ related myths. Now I am going to tell you some myths and facts about cavities.

Myth1 – Cavities do not happen in babies.

Fact – Cavity can occur in the baby teeth. You have to treat it immediately. Otherwise spreading of the cavity occurs.

Myth2 – You have to undergo a root canal procedure for the treatment of cavities.

Fact – Basically because of grinding and clenching you have to undergo a root canal procedure. But if you have a cavity that is unfilled then also you have to undergo this procedure. Usually when a damage occurs to the tooth’s inner nerve then root canal procedure is followed.

Myth3 – Tooth decay is the main reason behind the sensitivity.

Fact – All sensitivities do not necessarily happen because of cavities. Only one type of sensitivity can occur as a result of cavity and that is your teeth can be sensitive to sweets and colds. Pain in your teeth can also occur because of some other things.

Myth4 – Cavity occurs because of a gap in the teeth.

Fact – The chances of tooth decay are very less if the gaps in between the teeth are wider. For removing the bacteria, you can easily clean these gaps of bigger size. Cavity can occur if the food sticks in the small gaps present in between the teeth.

Myth5 – Cavity occurs because of grinding and clenching.

Fact – Cavity does not happen in your teeth because of grinding and clenching. The bacteria that produce acid are the main reason behind cavities. A little stress is applied on the teeth if you chew normally. But your teeth will face a lot of pressure as a result of grinding and clenching. Tooth decay can speed up in your teeth by the fractures and cracks that occur because of this strain.

Myth6 – When cavities start happening in your mouth then you will know about it by yourself.

Fact – When cavities grow so much in your teeth then you will realize that you are suffering from cavities. In the early stages of cavitation, knowing about it by yourself is not possible. But if you go for regular dental check-ups then the dentist can diagnose if you have a cavity or not.

Myth7 – It is necessary to replace all the fillings.

Fact – If you will take care of your oral hygiene and tooth wear then you can increase the life of your filling. These can last longer and there will be less chances of problems in your teeth if a dental routine is followed by you.

Myth8 – If you have a toothache then you will get help from aspirin.

Fact – In order to get relief from pain the aspirin needs to be swallowed by you. But if near the tooth, aspirin is placed then painful abscess can occur in your gum tissue as a result of burning. It occurs because of the acidic nature of aspirin.

Myth9 – As compared to adults the chances of cavities are more in kids.

Fact – The children who go to school have less chances of cavities because they drink tap water which contains fluoride in considerable amount. The mouth of old people becomes dry because they usually take a lot of medicines and so they have more chances of cavities. Your teeth get protection by the saliva present in your mouth. If it dries out then cavity can occur.

Myth10 – Cavity occurs because of eating sugar only.

Fact – Cavity occurs in your mouth by bacteria that produce acid. This process starts in your mouth if you eat carbs. Vegetables, fruits, bread, potatoes, rice and sugar are the foods that contain carbs. So, we cannot say only sugar is responsible for cavities in your teeth.

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