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Tell us your love story: Sanchari and Joseph

Tell us your love story: Sanchari and Joseph

In this special series of real life love stories for Valentine’s Day, we asked you to share how you met the love of your life. Here, one of our readers, Sanchari, talks about how she found ‘the one’ in Joseph. 

Here’s her story:

“It all started in November 2013 when I got a new job and started working in Toronto. A month after my joining date, there was another black guy who got hired and joined our team. I was asked by my supervisor to train him so I can get more experience.

During his training, he kept on noticing me from head-to-toe, and I never realised it till he told me on our first date. I was not ready for any relationship at that time. I always respected him as a co-worker because he was always kind, helpful and soft-spoken. He went to my friends at work to ask more about me but he thought I will never be interested in him since I am Indian and Indians don’t really go out of their community. My friends told him that he should back off.

One day, I was finishing my work and was about to leave, he asked me to go our for a movie with him in front of my other co-worker friend. Me and my friend looked each other and she signed me to say yes and so I did without thinking. But after, I was cursing her since she made me say yes. I didn’t know him much so I was scared to go out with him. He asked me to choose the movie and so I did and we went for the movie. He came to pick me up. I noticed his car was very clean and shiny and it smelt nice inside. I really like people who are clean and tidy. Our so-called movie date went well. That day, I found out that his background is Jamaican and he was born and raised in Toronto. We both found out a lot more about each other and I felt that I could be friends with him and that he won’t harm me. I also noticed that he is a good listener.

We became friends and started going out together. On April 5th, 2014, we went to Niagara falls for a trip and he expressed his feelings for me. He told me that he really likes me but he knew that I won’t give him a chance because he knew Indians are conservative. He just wanted me to know his feelings and he wasn’t expecting us to be together. I was happy to know that he likes me. I gave it a thought and texted him back saying that we should give it a try. I told him clearly about my limitations including not getting physical and he respected that. Things went really well between us. We even went to watch Bollywood movies together. The first Bollywood movie we watched was ‘2 States’ and he really liked the movie. He loves watching Amir Khan and Salman Khan movies and loves South Indian Cuisine the most.

After few months, he took me to his home and introduced me to his mother. His mom really liked me and invited me to all the occasions. On August 5th, 2015, he proposed me with a ring at the CN Tower in downtown Toronto asked me to marry him. I didn’t wast anytime and said ‘yes’ to him. My parents already knew that I am going out with him and they were fine if we get married.  We decided to get married on December 19th, 2015. My parents came to Canada from India for the wedding and we had a small intimate wedding in Toronto with close family and friends. My husband’s name is Joseph Francis.

We celebrate Diwali and Christmas at home and go to Church and Temple on occasions. He is a perfect husband and he is a blessing to me. I really that my story helps break the ‘taboo’ in India to marry someone in the community, because after all, we all are human beings.”

Stay tuned for more such real life love stories, this whole month. To share your own love saga, write to us at, with a picture of you and your partner, and we will feature the best ones here. 

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